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Scoring process and method

The IB will assign grades for each course ranging from 7 to 1, 7 being the highest. You will be rewarded with a diploma if a minimum of 24 points is achieved, subject to certain minimum levels of performance.

For the IB Core, the Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essay contribute a combined additional 3 points towards the overall IB Diploma score. The Creative, Action, Services Projects do not contribute to the IB Diploma score.

Higher Level and Standard Level Courses

The same points are awarded for Higher Level and Standard Level courses. They only differ in terms of scope but are assessed using the same grade descriptors.

Scoring Scale

SectionScore Scale
Theory of KnowledgeA - E, in letter decrements
Extended EssayA - E, in letter decrements
Courses within six subject groups1–7, in one point increments

Score Reporting

When you complete your exam, your results will be available one day after the results have been issued on 6 July for the May session and 6 January for the November session. These results can be accessed on the Candidate Results Website.

Upon receiving the results, requests for re-marks can be made if you feel the results are undeserved.

Score Longevity

IB Diplomas do not have expiry dates.

Understanding IB scores

Your IB score includes a percentile ranking that compares your skill level with other test takers from the past three years.

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