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Judging from the admission of top universities such as Ivy League universities (US) and Oxbridge (UK) in recent years, IB programmes are more and more recognized by top schools.

Due to the development of international education, the competition among top universities is becoming more intense, and the requirements for IB scores are also increasing. To apply to schools such as Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College in the UK, you need an IB score of over 40.

The same is true for the United States. If you want to apply to top Engineering schools such as Stanford and MIT, IB scores must be at least 39-40. Even middle-tier universities require at least 35.

If the IB score is lower, US universities will require standardized test (SAT) scores to make up. A score of at least 1500 points is necessary to have a certain degree of competitiveness.

In light of Covid-19, many US universities have become test-optional (for standardised test). This shows the increasing importance of a good IB score, and should not be neglected.

Only 6-7% of international students are admitted to medical courses in top universities in Europe and US. Applicants must not only have a high IB score (40+), but also have other “X-factors” to impress admissions officers. The “X-factors” include volunteer extracurricular activities, leadership performance, and relevant standardized test scores.

In terms of subject selection, Chemistry HL is mandatory and requires a minimum score of 6-7. Other subjects such as Biology, Mathematics and Physics are also required. It is important to note that the Science (Physics, Biology, Chemistry) scores must be 6-7 to be eligible for admission to the medical school.

In recent years, international students are taking interest in computer science, artificial intelligence, data management and other emerging disciplines, leading to the popularity of these majors.

If your child is interested in engineering and computer science, Math HL is a required subject, with a score of at least 6-7. Other subjects such as English, Biology, Chemistry and Physics are also recommended.

In order to have an opportunity at top engineering college such as MIT and Carnegie Mellon, applicants are expected to have an IB score of at least 39 points, SAT score of over 1500, and a SAT subject test score of more than 800.

In addition to the IB scores, US colleges bears great importance to the school teacher’s recommendation letter. To get a letter of recommendation from a teacher, students should be in the top 10% of their class in school, participate in a variety of extracurricular activities, and demonstrate leadership skills. If you have a letter of recommendation from your school teacher, you will have an advantage in applying to a prestigious US university.

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