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With a team of experienced tutors and consultants, Prep Zone Academy’s individual training program is here to help IB students improve their confidence and performance, regardless of your current level.

Currently, we are offering comprehensive, year-long preparation courses for Mathematics (SL/HL), Chemistry (SL/HL), Physics (SL/HL) and Biology (SL/HL) for both IB Year 1 and 2 students.

Keen on other subjects? Personalised individual courses are available – find out more from our consultants!

IB Math Preparation ProgramIB Chemistry Preparation ProgramIB Physics Preparation ProgramIB Biology Preparation Program

Latest Updates: Covid-19 Precautionary Measures

Prep Zone Academy has resumed operations at both Singapore locations and has put in place protocols to safeguard public health and minimise the risk of community transmission of COVID-19.

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About IB DP

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme is offered in IB world schools worldwide. It is recognised and respected by world leading universities.

Upon successfully completing the program, students will receive an IB Diploma, an internationally accepted qualification for entry into higher education recognized by many universities worldwide. IB DP is known to prepare its students for college-level courses, and in fact, several universities recognize the rigor of the IB DP and provide college credit for IB classes with a high final score. College admissions officers in particular will be familiar with the IB DP’s reputation, making it an objective way of demonstrating your high-achieving academic capabilities.

We are happy to answer any questions you have about our IB classes. Simply give us a call at +65 6812 9999 or drop by our offices at Rochester Mall (Buona Vista) or Springleaf Tower (Tanjong Pagar). We are always here and ready to help!

Subjects Offered

With a team of expert IB trainers, we are confident that we can provide support in almost any IB subject, at both Standard Level (SL) and Higher Level (HL).












Computer Science








Business Management






Our trainers come from top universities around the world, and have years of experience teaching the IB. Our IB trainers are all IB certified & are very passionate about helping our clients to score well on the IB.


For individual IB courses, your calendar will be fully personalised to fit your academic performance and your requirements. Enjoy a customised course that fits your busy schedule!


You will receive a complimentary consultation session from our College Admissions Expert who will help analyse your background, target universities and help you set IB targets and plans.

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For Both Year 1 & Year 2 Students

IB Mathematics (SL/HL) Preparation Program

Improve your IB Mathematics performance by systematically building a strong foundation for all mathematics topics. Our standard year-long preparation program focuses on helping students improve their topical weaknesses, with a strong emphasis on exam preparation nearer to the mid-year and end-of-year school and IB examinations.

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For Both Year 1 & Year 2 Students

IB Chemistry (SL/HL) Preparation Program

Work with our chemistry trainers to build a strong foundation for all IB Chemistry (SL/HL) topics. The year-long Chemistry Preparation Program aims to improve the student’s holistic skillset, with a strong emphasis on examination skills nearer to the exam period.

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Hear what past students have to say

I had an amazing tutor, patient, understanding, and flexible, able to find a simple way to explain the hardest questions. I would just like to say that without his help, I would not have improved as much as I did for my promotional exams. Because of his help, my Chemistry attained a 7 with 80 this time around, and my Math improved a startling 18 marks from 52 to 70. We may meet again next year, but I just wanted to ask that he continue helping students who want to learn, as with his patience and guidance there will surely be improvement.


Sadly Parinaz's math internal assessment topic was changed twice, and she had been stressing over it tremendously. Parinaz did walk out feeling good today after her sessions with her trainer. I would like to thank him for his time and guidance.

Parinaz's father

I would like to sincerely thank my trainer for all his help and guidance during my chemistry internal assessment. I met my chemistry teacher a few days back and he told me that my IA was quite good. I got a 7 in chemistry, and I got a 21/24 for my chemistry internal assessment.
Thanks once again for all the guidance and help for the internal assessment!
I was able to pull up from a low grade IA to a much much better one.


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