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Improve Your IB Scores With Singapore's Best IB Trainers

Fully Personalised IB Tuition For All Levels - from IB MYP to IB DP

With a team of experienced tutors and consultants, Prep Zone Academy’s individual training program is here to help IB students improve their confidence and performance, regardless of your current level.

We offer comprehensive IB tuition for a wide variety of subjects such as English Language, English Literature, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics AA/AI and Economics at Standard Level (SL) and Higher Level (HL).

Keen on other subjects? Personalised individual courses are available – find out more from our consultants!

IB Math (AA/AI)IB ChemistryIB PhysicsIB BiologyIB English Literature


Our trainers come from top universities around the world, and have years of experience teaching the IB. Our IB trainers are all IB certified & are very passionate about helping our clients to score well on the IB.


For individual IB courses, your calendar will be fully personalised to fit your academic performance and your requirements. Enjoy a customised course that fits your busy schedule!


You will receive a complimentary consultation session from our College Admissions Expert who will help analyse your background, target universities and help you set IB targets and plans.

Subjects Offered

With a team of expert IB trainers, we are confident that we can provide support in almost any IB subject, at both Standard Level (SL) and Higher Level (HL).












Computer Science








Business Management





Hear what past students have to say

“Prep Zone really helped my daughter improve on her scores for IB Math and English Lang Lit. We started preparation early in Grade 11, and Prep Zone supported us all the way till the final IB exams. The tutors were really nice and helpful, and were also available to help my daughter after office hours if required. The feedback after every lesson was really helpful for me as a parent, since it allowed me to stay up to date as well on my daughter’s progress. She enjoyed the lessons very much, and their online lessons via Zoom were conducted very smoothly. I would really recommend Prep Zone to all students & parents!”

– Chelsea

“I had no personal life in IB year 2 and spent 4 days of the week at Prep Zone for SAT, IB and university applications haha. But now I am off to Columbia and it’s been worth it. Thank you Prep Zone!! And special thanks to Michelle, my English tutor there :))”

– A.S.

“My elder daughter joined Prep Zone for SAT tutoring, and we decided to have a trial class for IB Math. We ended up using our leftover hours for IB, and though the May exams were cancelled due to COVID, I felt my daughter was improving and would have performed well on the exam. My son is now using my daughter’s remaining hours, and he loves his weekly tutoring for Psychology & Biology.”

– B.H.

“Went to Prep Zone for Physics, Psychology and Business lessons and they really helped me improve. Pro tip: check with your friends if they are going to Prep Zone as well after school and share a cab there, you’ll be surprised how many show up there 😉

– R.T.

“I have been a student at Prep Zone since 2018, and they have helped me with my IGCSE exams and then my IB exams. Some of the explanations by the teachers here were better than my school teachers.”

– C.N.

“I have been a loyal client at PrepZone since my eldest went there for UCAT tutoring. In all, they have helped my 3 kids with UCAT, BMAT, SAT, ACT, IGCSE and IB. Not to mention the last-minute MMI interview preparation that we needed for med school which was fabulous and so well-organized! Do yourself a favor and get one of their big individual packages and ask them to split the hours between your kids – you can enjoy the lowest per-hour rate that way.”

– Mrs Ng

“My daughter was stuck with her TOK draft and had no idea how to proceed. I checked with a number of tuition centers for help with TOK, but Prep Zone was the one who could get me a tutor at short notice. Her trainer Jessica was highly experienced and guided my daughter through her draft, essay, and presentation.”

– Mrs Ong

“The tutors at Prep Zone helped my son get from a 5 in Chemistry to a 7 on his final exams. We had started off with a few sessions to work on Chemical Bonding, but seeing my son’s progress in class, we moved to regular weekly sessions which really paid off! Highly recommend the IB course!”

– Caroline M

“I was initially a bit concerned about the price so went for the smallest package. My son loved his lessons and they were nice enough to allow me to move up to the higher package. A big bonus for me as a parent were their regular feedback emails after every session so I could keep track too.”

– S.B.

“My son used to go to another tuition center but I soon realized he was spending more time with his friends there than studying. I initially was worried about the lack of group tutoring at PrepZone, but soon realized the 1-1 tutoring is more effective. The feedback that the teachers sent to me after each session was very helpful so I could keep track of his progress and motivate him at home.”

– Claire

“I would like to sincerely thank my trainer for all his help and guidance during my chemistry internal assessment. I met my chemistry teacher a few days back and he told me that my IA was quite good. I got a 7 in chemistry, and I got a 21/24 for my chemistry internal assessment.
Thanks once again for all the guidance and help for the internal assessment! I was able to pull up from a low grade IA to a much much better one.”

– Ayush

“The great thing about Prep Zone’s IB course was that I could use the hours from my package for multiple subjects rather than getting new packages for each. This helped me during my mocks since I could come in with my doubts for all my HLs.”

– M.T.

About IB DP

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) Diploma Programme is offered in IB world schools worldwide. It is recognised and respected by world leading universities.

Upon successfully completing the program, students will receive an IB Diploma, an internationally accepted qualification for entry into higher education recognized by many universities worldwide. IBDP is known to prepare its students for college-level courses, and in fact, several universities recognize the rigour of the IBDP and provide college credit for IB classes with a high final score. College admissions officers in particular will be familiar with the IBDP’s reputation, making it an objective way of demonstrating your high-achieving academic capabilities.

We are happy to answer any questions you have about our IB classes. Simply give us a call at +65 6812 9999 or drop by our office at 15 Scotts (Orchard). We are always here and ready to help!

For Both Year 1 & Year 2 Students

IB Mathematics (SL/HL) Preparation Program

Improve your IB Mathematics performance by systematically building a strong foundation for all mathematics topics. Our standard year-long preparation program focuses on helping students improve their topical weaknesses, with a strong emphasis on exam preparation nearer to the mid-year and end-of-year school and IB examinations.

More Info & Registration
For Both Year 1 & Year 2 Students

IB Chemistry (SL/HL) Preparation Program

Work with our chemistry trainers to build a strong foundation for all IB Chemistry (SL/HL) topics. The year-long Chemistry Preparation Program aims to improve the student’s holistic skillset, with a strong emphasis on examination skills nearer to the exam period.

More Info & Registration

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