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IB Biology Preparation Program (SL/HL)

For Both Year 1 and Year 2 Students

Improve your IB Biology performance by systematically building a strong foundation for all biology topics. Our standard year-round preparation program focuses on helping students improve their topical weaknesses, with a strong emphasis on exam preparation nearer to the mid-year and end-of-year school and IB examinations.

The program is developed and taught by our team of veteran biology trainers.

Program Features

  • Year-round program (1 year or 2 years)
    Start at Year 1 – 2 years of IB Preparation Program
    Start at Year 2 – 1 year of IB Preparation Program
  • 1-to-1 Individual Sessions
    2-hour session every week (flexible duration according to individual needs)
  • Complimentary College Admissions Consultation
    Gain exclusive advices from our admissions consultants

Unsure if our IB Biology Preparation Program is the right option for you? Simply register for a trial class with us – you are entitled to choose the topics you would like covered during the trial class!

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Program Outline

IB Biology equips students with the knowledge and skills to investigate the living world. This includes the study of all levels using many different approaches and techniques. Through studying Biology, students should become aware of how scientists work with each other. While the scientific method may take on a wide variety of forms, the emphasis is on a practical approach. In addition, through the theme of the “Nature of Science”, the knowledge and skills will be put into context.

Our IB Biology Preparation Program is specially designed to supplement IB students when they are in either Year 1 or Year 2. This program aims to equip students with strong Biology concepts as well as key exam skills through 1-to-1 Individual lessons.

On average, students should spend at least 2 hours on Biology preparation every week for 2 years. The lesson duration is flexible and varies according to individual needs. Different objectives are set accordingly and is divided into 3 stages to ensure the students are thoroughly prepared throughout the 2 years. Rest assured that our veteran IB trainers are there every step of the way to guide you through this important academic period.

Stage 1

Refresher Stage (Pre-IB Year)

At the start of the program, students will be given a general assessment by the trainer to figure out their current capability. The program will then be customised to better meet the students’ needs. Students are then introduced to the new year concepts and refresh the fundamentals they must already have a mastery of.

Stage 2

Enrichment Stage (During IB Year)

Focusing on skills and application, our experienced trainers will walk you through the key concepts as well as applications in examples so that you will have a deeper understanding and apply what you have mastered during exams!

Stage 3

Exam Preparation Stage

Students work on difficult problems, practice past IB papers under exam condition, while honing their understanding of the IB scoring rubric and testing taking skills.

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