IB Psychology

1-on-1 Course

IB Psychology course is a systematic study of the interaction of biological, cognitive and sociocultural influence on human behaviour and mental process. There are two levels offered for the IB Diploma programme – Higher Level (HL) and Standard Level (SL).

Prep Zone Academy™ offers 1-on-1 course for both SL and HL. Our experienced tutors will walk you through the key concepts to deepen your understanding and help with information retention.

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Course Curriculum

Sessions for core curriculum (Shared by both SL and HL):
1The biological level of analysisPrinciples, biological research methods and ethics, localization of function, neurotransmission, hormones
The cognitive level of analysisMetabolism, water, carbohydrates and lipids, proteins, enzymes, DNA and RNA, cell respiration, photosynthesis
The sociocultural level of analysisGenes, chromosomes, meiosis, inheritance, genetic modification and biotechnology
2EcologySpecies, communities and ecosystems, energy flow, carbon cycling, climate change
Evolution and biodiversityEvidence for evolution, natural selection, classification and biodiversity cladistics
Human physiologyDigestion and absorption, the blood system, defence against infectious diseases, gas exchange, neurons and synapses, Hormones, homeostasis and reproduction
3ConsultationDiscussion of short-answer questions and essay questions with trainers
Sessions for option curriculum (Both SL and HL pick one):
AAbnormal psychologyConcepts and diagnosis, psychological disorders, treatment review
BDevelopmental psychologyCognitive/social/identity development
CHealth psychologyStress, substance abuse and addictive behaviour
DPsychology of human relationshipsSocial responsibility, interpersonal relations, violence
ESport psychologyBiological, cognitive and sociocultural influences on behaviour in sport, emotion and motivation, arousal and anxiety and their influence on performance in sport, skill development and performance, influence of coaches, team cohesion, problems in sport

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